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  •  Either we are a nation or we are not. (10+ / 0-)

    A nation looks out for all of its citizens. A nation's boundaries MEAN COHESION. We are one nation. We, even the rich, pay money and labor for the privilege of being one nation. By design, he also preached that we have a right to be angry at those who are perceived to have fewer opportunities. This view is inherently anti-citizen, anti-civic responsibility, anti-inclusive. Reagan brought to our nation a backlash to the civil rights movement.

    So-called conservatives take our nation for granted.

    In this way, Ronald Reagan was a true enemy to the spirit of America. Reagan preached that individual attainment was the real expression of American Freedom. Those who already attained knew that he was preaching to the choir. They loved him.

    But what we largely lost, beginning with Reagan, is the notion that, as a nation, we are all in this together, as an amalgam of adaptive, soft-tissued, vulnerable humans who care as much about the opportunities for our children as we do for our own comforts and good fortune, which, for some, may not exist at all.

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