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  •  "Center" in more of the egotistical sense (2+ / 0-)
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    Of course we all know the Earth is not in the spacial center of the universe, but this means WE, as in our species/society (not referring to our planet) is also not the center of the universe in any other sense. Life has a heightened importance to us over matter and space so changing how we think of life means more to us than changing how we think of matter and space.

    Pretty much every major scientific discovery to date has progressed towards a less anthropocentric understanding of the universe and this would be the latest culmination of that. The only step farther would be to find complex and intelligent life elsewhere.

    I get that Martian life could have come from Earth or vice-versa. But since there is other evidence that life can originate from non-life pretty I think it's more far-fetched to think it started on one planet and spread than simply that it can emerge independently on different planets.

    I guess what I'm saying is that what's "Earth-shattering" is different for scientists than it is for non-scientists. Almost all scientists already assume a naturalistic origin of life and believe that evolution began and progressed on its own. So finding organic molecules on Mars is just another step in that understanding.

    To a layperson, finding life on Mars IS earth-shattering because it transforms theological perspectives. If you are religious, even moderately so, you have some serious questions to explore. If you are agnostic - well now you do know something for certain. Meanwhile a layperson won't have as much of a grasp of why "organic molecules" on Mars are a big deal - that doesn't mean as much to you. But it means a lot to a scientist who knows how organic molecules relate to life.

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