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  •  Geraldine Ferraro told this story. (9+ / 0-)

    She was picked up at an airport in England and escorted to an international meeting of women leaders.

    The British woman who picked her up told the story of a small boy and girl playing.  One was to be Prime Minister and the other to play some other roll.
    The little boy wanted to be Prime Minister but the girl told him, "You can't be the Prime Minister.  Only girls can be Prime Minister."
    In their young lives the only Prime Minister they had known was Margaret Thatcher.

    It does matter when a barrier falls and young people who would other wise have not hope of passing that barrier, and so never even consider trying, see that they can be a police chief, or Prime Minister, or a general or a car mechanic.

    It does matter that on Thanksgiving day we know that we all can sit at the adult's table.  No one is banished to the little table in the kitchen.

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