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View Diary: The Fishbowl Declares the Ocean Irrelevant (75 comments)

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  •  Our garden was flooded by Sandy. (6+ / 0-)

    A temporary river ran through it.

    We'll see come spring how much salt water was in that mix. At least we are up river from the ocean.

    Gold Fish.
    Also, the "fishbowl" spoken of here lives on gaining attention from the rest of us. Gold Fish from that environment then use the attention to sell us lies. They take their bribes, they bow heads to the various forms of blackmail that accompany their way of life. They lie.

    It's not that the Gold Fish are ignorant or badly educated from being exposed to economics.

    Really, economics has plenty to say about how to accommodate our economic processes to adversity. Bribed and blackmailed Gold Fish are the big problem.

    You're familiar with Tony Blair? With John McCain? The dead American king, Ronald Reagan? Gold Fish, all.

    Poissons rouges. Carassius auratus auratus.

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