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View Diary: In Sandy's wake, Thanksgiving comes to Red Hook, Brooklyn (52 comments)

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  •  Very inspiring, moving diary (9+ / 0-)

    Community is where it's at. I have lived in both a small rural town and in the city. I have found that my city district is for me a better community then the small rural town I lived in. It's more diverse and not as closed. We also seem to not fear change and are more open to creating and building a community that is vibrant and involved. It's also very liberal, our district is 85% Democratic the rest are indies and a smattering of Greens.    

    My SE Portland urban community is strong, it's why I live here. It's why most of my neighbors have chosen to live here. We support our local businesses and fight hard to keep our area livable and sustainable. We have active neighborhood assoc. and local merchant assoc. We have managed to keep both big boxes and corporate fast food outlets at bay.  

    I loved the pictures of the people who work and live in yours. Thanks again it really gives me hope to see and read about local activism that thrives in co0mmunities across the country. I am so glad that OWS stepped up and helped with the devastation from Sandy. As always thanks to you Scott for showing us all how grassroot  activism is done.        

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