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    who hates the concept of Black Friday ... On my Yahoo home page all morning there's been a horrible ad from Walmart with this countdown clock till Black Friday. You see the seconds and minutes ticking down. And it never changes to any other ad, like that page usually does when you revisit it.

    I finally couldn't stand it anymore and clicked on Ad Feedback below the ad and told them it was a horrible ad for me to have to see all day on Thanksgiving, which I consider a family day, and could they please give me ANY other ad on my home page. Well, that didn't work, so I clicked on Ad Feedback again and told them that if that's the only other ad that's going to be there all day, I'm boycotting Yahoo for the day and will not visit them again.

    Anybody else who is so inclined, please consider doing this too, so it will make some kind of impression on them and I won't be just one lone oddball complainer. Thanks!

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