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View Diary: Five Lingering Unsolved Mysteries From the JFK Assassination (66 comments)

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  •  I hope everybody has (1+ / 0-)
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    a nice Thanksgiving.  

    If there is a promising trail of clues somewhere regarding the murder of John Kennedy, and some journalists want to follow that trail, more power to 'em.  

    A vivid personality was lost that day in Dallas.  There may be any number of reasons why one or more people wanted him murdered.  But we very powerfully doubt that any of those reasons justifies the act.  I miss -- and the nation needs -- vivid individuality in our public servants.  JFK was one such.  So was Bobby.  Both were taken from us.  We didn't neglect them; they were stolen.

    I like to think that Madison and Jefferson would rather have liked Kennedy, had somehow they could have known he would be president, and would have sensed in him a manifestation of the higher citizen, the informed citizenry they championed, the vigorous defense of crucial tenets of the republic.

    This is perhaps a day less for Macy's parade floats and NFL football than for a few minutes of listening time to Ronald Lo Presti's piece, "Elegy for a Young American."

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