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  •  thank you for sharing your story (13+ / 0-)

    What an extraordinary year!

    You have discovered one of the secrets of recovery and are pursuing it like gangbusters: Reaching out to help someone else will nourish you and heal you and keep you sober. You can feel that, right?

    You have embraced so many helpful things, and I am so glad to know that these programs and people exist. Ladies and gentlemen, this is facilitated by our tax dollars at work, and it is worth every penny. Of course, the people, the willing hearts, is what makes it work, and you were open to it all and are now giving back in so many ways. Just beautiful.

    Bless you for making that first phone call, for doing the work, and for giving back. Bless all the people who took your hand along the way, and those you now reach out to.

    I echo the suggestion above to send this out more widely.
    especially Shinseki, the Obamas, and the VA.

    As someone in recovery, I needed to hear your story today, and it helped me. Thank you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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