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View Diary: Egyptian Democracy looks a lot like Totalitarianism (51 comments)

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  •  additionally, i tend to draw a strong distinction (7+ / 0-)

    between muslim brotherhood religious conservatives on the one hand, and salafi reactionaries on the other. the one is compatible with democracy, the other is utterly antidemocratic.  this is why i'm fairly positive on the first round of north african post-revolutionary elections, where others see islamist theocrats around every corner.

    democracy can handle religious conservatives (in fact, in a society with a significant proportion of religious conservatives, it necessarily demands such a party), it cannot handle theocrats who do not accept the legitimacy of anything outside of their sectarian organization. when salafis start winning elections, that's a problem. the muslim brotherhood is no big deal, even if my political sympathies lie with the revolutionary youth parties and secular liberals.

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