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  •  Glorious Defeat (none)
    As you suggest, I am THINKING about your proposed strategy of Glorious Defeat.  And I am thinking that it is way too costly.  It would hand Frist and Dobson a gigantic victory and cement the power of the far right.  It would make the Dems look like pathetic losers.  It would give up any leverage at all over the Supreme Court nominee (who will not be good in any case, but could still be much worse.)   And for all this, we would have in return the hope that it turns into a good campaign issue.   Which it might or might not.
    •  I fail to see how you think we have... (none)
      any leverage on a supreme court nominee now.  We agreed not to filibuster. Okay, they put in some language about not doing it unless we really need to, but basically they are going to treat it as an iron-clad promise.  All they have to do is claim that their party isn't extreme and they can then invoke the so called nuclear option yet again.  But this time the public will be on their side, because they will perceive that we have gone back on their promise.  
      •  Go read and understand... (4.00)
        ... the rest of this thread...

        ... and turn off the voice that says "Waahhhh!  Why didn't the 45 Democrats beat up the 55 Republicans?!?!?  Waaaahhh!"

        For one thing, Frist is toast.  His 2008 presidential campaign hinged on backing from the Fundies -- Dobson and his allies told Frist that if he failed to trigger the Nuclear Option, he could forget about getting any money or aid from the religious right.  Well, guess what?  He failed.

        Besides, if we could get over half a dozen GOP Senators to vote to preserve the filibuster, we can get them to vote down the nominations should they come up for a vote.

        •  That is very naive (none)
          If they were willing to work with us on this, they will work with us again.  We tried that, on numerous occasiona.  We tried working with them, and every stinking time they turned it against us.  But we're nice guys, so we're going to try again.  And again. We're going to keep working with them, expecting similar cooperation in return.  

          WE HAVE NO POWER.  The only power we have is the ability to convince the public that these guys are extremists and they should be voted out.  The so-called moderates who voted for this know that, and they acted to convince the public that everything is hunky dory and they shouldn't make any drastic changes in 2006.  Frist was toast anyway.  He's not very good at what he does, and didn't stand a chance at a presidential run.  

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