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  •  Several of them said it straight out (4.00)
    They're just gonna stop voting.  That in itself is positive for us.

    Every time I visit FReeperville, I find myself laughing - "I am so happy you guys are this STUPID!"

    •  they'll forget about this in 18 months (none)
      I remember the spring of 2003, when many of my fellow Iowa Democrats said they could never, never support any presidential candidate who voted for the Iraq War resolution. On caucus night in January 2004, guess what? A lot of them went for Kerry or Edwards.

      The freepers are mad now, but wait till the right-wing hate machine reminds them of how evil Dems are for all of 2006. They will get in line to vote GOP again, you can count on that.

      •  Well ... (none)

        That's the wrong point of comparison. Better would be, all of the liberals who were irked by Clinton bombing Serbia or reforming welfare and voted for Nader in 2000.

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