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  •  The moderates embarassed the hell out of them (none)
    I dont know if I can show my face if I am Frist. I dont have cable, but even the freepers and others have mentioned that Frist looks awful and Reid is looking great(I mean, literally the way they look on TV). John McCain said, "Today the country and the senate won." How must Frist feel hearing that? The moderates said, "Damnit, we arent going to let you and Bush and the fundies take over just cuz you want to be president." And the religious right base has been deflated. That is the only reason these people do anything: to excite their base, like they did with Schiavo. It backfired, big time.

    Between Bush's commencement speech and his wife's Mid-East visit, the Bush family pissed off Christians, Jews and Muslims this weekend. -Randi Rhodes.

    by jj32 on Mon May 23, 2005 at 06:43:03 PM PDT

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    •  heh. (4.00)
      I dont know if I can show my face if I am Frist.

      He didn't.  :)  He sulked on the Senate floor by himself while Reid and the fourteen senators were looking very, very American.

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