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  •  A larger issue here is the arrested power-grab. (none)
    Reid and the moderates (both Rs and Ds) have successfully defused the ticking-time bomb that was the Republican power-grab that, to me, was the whole point of the evangelical push.  The Dobsonites were USING this particular issue to set precedent in changing the Senate rules (the winger judges were the cherry on top).  

    The larger issue was the changing of the rules - to not require the super-majority to make a rules change.  If that precedent would have been set, the right would have truly unchecked power over not only the House, but the Senate too, all while re-making the judiciary while they went about it.  Absolutely evil and shameless.  And Cheney was going to smile when he did it.

    So, while this deal may not be all that attractive for Dems with regards to the judges, this totally road-blocks Cheney's tiebreaker-move.   This is the issue that Rove and the evangelicals will be pissed about.  They want it all, and thought this was how they were going to get closer to getting it.  Now they will have to settle for confirmation of 3 of the 7.  
    Frist must be just sick over it.

    But watch them closely, their media darlings are already spinning what Rove is faxing to them, so don't get cozy.  
    Reid did good.
    I think he weighed the stakes, and compromised where it would both inflict the least damage to the Senate, while striking down the power-grab.

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