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View Diary: Shale Gas Bubble About to Burst: Art Berman, Bill Powers (89 comments)

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  •  Oil Depletion Allowance in Peril so ........ (9+ / 0-)

    OMG the Gas is depleting much FASTER than we thought!

    If they estimate the reserves high, then they risk loosing the depletion allowance.

    If they estimate the reserves low, then they risk SERIOUS investment in solar, and fusion, and thorium reactor  research which could bring those technologies on line within 15 years, essentially rendering oil a lubricant, not a gross commodity.

    This may be an attempt to skew oil prices, but I think we need to take it seriously and make the investment in infrastructure to make oil and gas use safe and rare.  One of the things that comes to mind is that solar is a square footage controlled technology, and the terrestrial desert areas are located far from the cities that need the power. A single 200 X 320 X 60 story apt building consumes much much more power than roof solar cells can generate. Going to take some large numbers of square miles with power collection grids with connections to every square meter to power the Northern States.
    Building that grid to transport that power is going to be messy and have an environmental impact. It might be positive. The shade created by the solar panels might actually habitable niches for wildlife, we will have to see.  If the fine grain disruption of the environment by the grid is going to be too much, then we need to think again about space based power satellites like those designed and tested in the Carter Administration, and killed first thing, as a priority by the Reagan Administration.  

    To Goldman Sachs in according to their desires, From us in accordance with the IRS.

    by Bluehawk on Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 06:31:41 PM PST

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