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View Diary: Thanksgiving in Obama's socialist nightmare (78 comments)

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    swampyankee, Laconic Lib

    eat Williams Sonoma's bead. How weird is this post? I guess kos is right I don't belong here. Why do we have to measure all policy agenda and direction against the pure evil that the other side offers. Obama and the Democrat's who own and run our party are not evil socialists. Great I did not starve this thanksgiving and neither did you. What a cheap shot at the expense of the millions of our fellow citizens who are finding it harder and harder to keep body and soul together.

    Thank you overlord's of the NWO for the abundant shelfs of stuff, both cheap and expensive, that we all can afford if we are lucky. That is if we are as Obama calls it 'responsible' and wealth creators or his favorite class of people the entrepreneurs.  

    So thank God I did not encounter empty supermarket shelves. What a criterion for a decent democratically governed society. No shortages of food for those with the means to buy at the Williams and Sonoma level food. The rest of us can be thankful for Black Friday where we get to trample each other for a cheap flat screen and some really bad food.        

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