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  •  I agree (none)
    That is how this turns into an actual "win"
    •  I've Been Googling Up A Storm But I Can't Find (none)
      any indication of MccCain or Snowe, et al. saying yea or nay for Owens.
    •  I concur (none)
      I think the moderates who would have tipped this vote this time against us--specter, hagel, graham, murkowski--were going to to do so because they believed it a matter of principle that the nominees should get up or down votes.  Whether they would have voted for them, probably yes because when there is less nationwide scrutiny it pays to play to the pressurized edges (they are the ones paying attention.)

      When you get to a SCOTUS nomination, you are in a different league.  It's like complaining about drafting a guy for the minors whose got a bad move to first.  Who cares in the minors.  But when he comes up to the majors, then it matters, because all the world can see and cares.  I realize that the circuit courts are very powerful.  But I truly believe that if Brown or Owen were nominated for SCOTUS Bush would have a serious problem on his hands as far as winning even an up or down vote.

    •  I think,,, (none)
      That may be right.  I wouldn't be surprised if there's an unspoken clause in the deal that commits the Republicans to vote "no" on at least one of the three nominees being let through.  Also, as a result of this, Owen and Rogers Brown are now so damaged that they can't get on SCOTUS, which is the real goal.

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