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  •  mixed bag (none)
    The Good--Frist takes up the tailpipe.  Also, McCain establishes himself as the Republican power broker, which severely undermines the radical right.

    The Bad--the prospect of Brown and Owen on the bench.  Pryor I can live with.  He's very conservative, but in prosecuting Roy Moore he demonstrated that he will not allow religioun to trump the law.  Yes, if he can find a LEGAL way to outlaw abortion, he will, but I don't think he will ignore the law.

    Brown and Owen, though?  They worry me.  More worrisome is the possibility that these three might be the MOST problematic of the seven.

    That term "extraordinary circumstances" is also a bit troubling, as others have pointed out.  My take is fairly straightforward:  Of all Senate votes, the vore on a judicial nominee is the one for which the ability filibuster is most critical.  Other nominations will go when the the president goes; a law can be repealed.  

    But we're talking LIFETIME appointments to the bench--an impact that will last for generations.

    This may well be a game of chicken in which both sides blinked.

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