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  •  A guess (4.00)
    There is the written agreement, and there is the oral agreement.

    The written agreement goes as far as either side could publicly commit. The oral agreement goes farther. Possible understandings:

    • Several Republicans have promised to oppose Owen, Brown, or Pryor
    • Several Democrats have agreed to not filibuster a sitting Justice for the Chief Justice
    • Several Democrats have agreed to not filibuster a specific 'short list' for other seats
    • Several Republicans have agreed to not dispute 'extraordinary circumstances' if these other agreements hold

    It is still fragile...

    I've got blisters on my fingers!

    by Elwood Dowd on Mon May 23, 2005 at 06:03:29 PM PDT

    •  Indeed. (none)
      I get the same feeling that you do. I think the hidden details, which they stated in not so many words goes much deeper than just the black letters of the agreement released, will be played out in the weeks and months to come. Seems to me like some moderate Republicans just snapped out of it, so to speak.

      The words "trust" and "good faith" were reiterated a number of times at that press conference. They acted like they couldn't stress them enough. We won't see what else was agreed upon until illustrated by the up-or-down votes.

      I like the deal. Despite letting three nominees get their up-or-down votes. Dems were gonna lose in some fashion by the sheer force of current Republican power, the question was how much. This introduces a cleavage in the GOP; one that can only benefit Dems down the road.

      The brilliance of this deal is that it brokers time from the Republican party. Time which I don't believe they have. For evidence I would point to the neck breaking schedule of unceasing radical maneuvers. And herein lay the motivation: I think 2006 will see a significant swing in congressional power from Republican to Democrats a la' 1994...I think Reid, et al feel the same. Sadly this deal may let a few nutjobs through, but it more importantly preserves minority power to be exercised in the future. Ideally, post-midterm elections, when the nuclear option has NO CHANCE of passing. Ta Da!

      The game plan: preserve as much power today, and let the Republicans drown themselves (they're doing a great job) up until midterms.

      Just a hunch, and there does involve some finger-crossing, but it seems plausible given the recent Republican track record/polls.

      This whole thing was about preserving the sanctity of the First Among Equals: the SCOTUS. That's what I think we won today. For that, I think it was a brilliant deal. But I ramble.

      Yes. I agree with you Mr. Dowd.

      If you don't get involved with politics, politics will eventually get involved with you.

      by big dave on Mon May 23, 2005 at 07:47:45 PM PDT

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