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  •  This was blow to Frist... and Bush (none)
    Bush (Rove) and Cheney had put their weight behind this, even if it was a bit tacitly.

    What the Republican moderates did was outmaneuver Frist and the White House in a way that removes a whole helluva' lot of the weight behind, what has been up until now, Karl Rove's heavy hammer (aided and abetted by the fundies).

    I think this proves that many Republican sentaors are sick and tired of being bullied by the Whte House and Rove's extension in the Senate, Frist.

    The dam has broken, and I suspect that there will more Republican senators willing to buck the heavy hand of Rove and the religious zealots.  (Nevermind Frist.  He's been efectively neutered by this.  No amount of Cialis® will make him potent again.)  We have already seen a great deal of blowback in Lott's comments on Dobson as well as Murkowski's recent rant on the same fundie crowd.

    This has to hurt a guy like Santorum.  Barring a catastrophic screw up, Casey should thump him.

    I think this is a winner for Dems, primarily because it is such a loser for the White House and Frist.

    If it ain't in the Bible, it ain't science!

    by Bob Johnson on Mon May 23, 2005 at 06:10:24 PM PDT

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