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  •  I feel your pain BUT (none)
    realize, this wasn't just about the filibuster.  In order to eliminate the filibuster, the Senate would have to also eliminate the Senate rule that requires a two-thirds vote to change Senate rules.

    They were going to do this by bringing in Cheney, as presdident of the Senate, to overule the parliamentarian.  With that, the Senate on a simple majority vote, would break 200+ years of process and precedent, and the result would be totally contrary to the foundation upon which the Senate was built.  The Senate, then, would work more like the House, where a simple majority prevails.  The Senate, unlike the House, has two representatives from each state, regardless of population. This system was established to allow the minority to have a voice.  The nuclear option would have completely obliterated all that, and allowed the majority, no matter which side is in power at the time, to completely ram anything down the throats of the minority any time.

    A HUGE part of me felt the Dems didn't have to compromise; that's my "bring it on" side. But I do understand why they did what they did. They feared the long term effects of the nuclear option much more than the confirmation of three judges.

    Whether they are right or not, only time will tell.

    Always look on the bright side of life--Monty Python

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