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  •  Follow it through (none)
    You don't have to think ahead very far to see how the repubs will capitalize off of this.
    •  Capitalize on what?? (none)
      They set the standard for the issue -- all 7 judges must be confirmed, no exceptions.

      They didn't get what they wanted and folded because it was uncertain whether they could have gotten what they wanted by fighting to the bitter end.

      Republican moderates finally groped around in the dark long enough and found their cojones.  They saw the Constitutional damage, realized that a fundie win would destroy the moderate wing of the party, and acted to preserve both the rules of the Senate and their role in the body.

      Dobson pitched a hissy fit afterwards.

      They might try to campaign on the judges they managed to get on the bench, but by making the fight so public, they will forever be reminded that they came up short of their own promise.

      There is nothing on which to capitalize.

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