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  •  If You Liked That Deal Wait Till You See My Bridge (none)
    Superpole is right.  We're no worse off?  Well, actually we are because the Repubs got some of their judges without having to go nuclear and now we can only use the filibuster if the situation is "extraordinary" AND IF THE REPUBLICANS AGREE.  We've also now just set a precedent that Priscilla Owens is not extraordinary so anything goes.

    They got judges in the hand.  We got vague promises in the bush -- from known liars.  And those vague promises are contingent on the liars' acquiescence.  


    •  Exactly and (none)
      thank you.

      how IRONIC that now the wimpy dems have to ask permisssion of the rethugs to employ the filibuster "next time".

      hmmm, I didn't see the Neoclowns ask permission from the UNSC for their illegal and bloody invasion/occupation of Iraq.

      is John Bolton about "asking for permission" to do anything?

      again: IT'S OVER for the democratic party-- that is what Feingold can't state directly.

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