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    ... that speculation about Irene Adler started with the Robert Downey Jr. movies. I know it's been around a long time. That doesn't make it make sense.

    Irene Adler appeared in a single story where there was no hint that she and Sherlock Holmes ever wanted to see one another again.

    Yes, many people writing derivative works have given Holmes and Adler a relationship. This is not something Doyle ever did. It simply reflects the tendency of later works to "shave the corners" off the original and make it more conventional.  

    As Doyle wrote Holmes, he simply admired her for her intelligence. That, a romance does not make.


    The copyright expired for most of the stories in 1980 in the UK. Not in the United States where copyright law was changed in 1976 to allow the heirs to recapture ownership of many of the stories until 2023. The licenses have changed hands several times since 1981, but are still being actively managed (i.e., cease and desist letters for people who infringe) to this day.

    You can read about the ownership issues here. The article was written in connection with the first Guy Richie Holmes movie.

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