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  •  Ah!! So that's what a baramin is! (2+ / 0-)
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    wbr, RainyDay

    I remember, when Conservapedia was started, I surfed it and kept reading some crap about baramins in their descriptions of animals.  I assumed it was because of some kooky creationist shit jargon I wasn't familiar with.  Guess so.

    It seems to me, if you're going to be CREATIVE to fit all the animals of the world into the ark, a better solution would have been to save samples of their DNA.  Collecting it would be difficult with stone or bronze-age technology, but we have God to do our magic stuff, so we leave that job to him.  He gives us a flash drive with the DNA of every living creature on it, we take it on the ark, and leave most of the ark as empty space.  Then when the waters recede, we pray to God and say, "do your magic stuff, Lord!" and, TADA, all the DNA is reconstituted.

    (I suppose if we were to learn that the sun was going to nova in a hundred years, we might decide to embark on a similar ark-like fast-track mission to send humans outside the solar system with the DNA of as many species as we could gather.)

    But if you have God doing all the heavy lifting, if you do that, it would be even simpler to take nothing on the ark.  God could just wave his magic wand and go, TADA, and all the animals reappear out of thin air in all the appropriate ecological niches, without having to trust anybody's maritime skills.

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