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  •  You want to restore salmon so the (0+ / 0-)

    fishing industry has more to kill?
    So, you're looking for a governmental subsidy to industrial enterprise. Oh, and the native peoples are the excuse for getting this done?

    Industrial enterprise needs to be tasked with restoring its own resource base as a condition of operating at all. We need to reconsider the principle that individual behavior is good unless and until it is proved otherwise and set a different standard for industrial market-oriented enterprise--not let them deplete the resource and then look for help from the public treasury to compensate for the loss.

    No help for entities that foul their own nests or eat their own seed corn. Of course, that means changing the culture of the ex-men who:


    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Fri Nov 23, 2012 at 08:26:15 AM PST

    •  Wow... you need to do some research (4+ / 0-)


      "So, you're looking for a governmental subsidy to industrial enterprise," you claim.

      "Industrial enterprise?" Are you kidding? I guess you are aren't at all familar with the salmon fishing businesses in California.

      Unlike the large industrial commercial trawling corporations that are promoted by the Walton Family Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund and the Obama administration under the "catch shares" program, commercial and recreational ocean salmon fishing is California is all hook-and-line, sustainable fishing managed by very strict regulations. The overwhelming majority of these commercial salmon businesses are owner-operated, mom and pop operations.

      The subsidies that you are apparently talking about are the ones that corporate agribusiness interests receive in the form of subsidized water, crop subsidies and damage to the environmental that the taxpayers end up paying for.

      It sounds like you have been reading disinformation promulgated by agribusiness Astroturf groups such as the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, a group funded by billionaire agribusiness tycoon Stewart Resnick of Paramount Farms.

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