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    sometimes I think Democratic partisan's get so involved in the  us against the Fox watcher's and dittoheads that they lose sight of the fact that these hardcore lunatic's are not the majority. They make up about 1/3 of the population at tops. They may be concentrated regionally, but most people while not particularly active politically are not ass backward pig ignorant lunatics.

    I'm finding that off line in the real world more and more people are sick and tired of working hard for low wages, rampant consumerism and no community values. As things get worse and they will as the income gap is only going to widen as we all face low global wages and labor is considered nothing but a profit loss.  As this is the way forward offered by the free market ideologues in both parties leadership, ordinary people become more and more receptive to shared common ground.

    I have noticed more and more regular people coming to farmers markets, growing food gardens  and shopping for groceries at our local healthy not publicly traded food chain which has opened stores in the heart of the burbs..

    The one hard core conservative in my family surprised me by saying that single payer national insurance was the only answer to his small business's woes. The other day he was gripping about food stamp recipient's.  I said  would you rather have your taxes go to poor mom's, children and olds folks or to the multinational corporations and banksters? That stopped him cold.

    Yesterday, our furnace broke down and I had to call the local repair company we use to come and fix it. It was expensive 150$ to just have the guy come out and look at it.

    He was great and initiated a lively conversation about how he and his wife were going to a family dinner. They had taken up baking and were bring cheese cakes, home made from scratch using local flour from Bob's Red Mill. He said they were ready to take on the Republican's in their larger family who were going to whine and wring their hands about the Democrat's winning. He said were going to win the debate and were armed with the best cheese cake ever.

    I had been guilty of assuming this man was a low information right winger as he said he was coming to fix our  furnace from Wilsonville, a suburban hot bed of Republicans. I was wrong he and his family keep chickens, gardened, bake, eat local healthy and are going to become vegetarians.  

    He lectured me on gas conservation in regards to running our furnace  He was no wonk politically but he sure knew what was going on. He said he used to listen to AM radio when he was young as he had grown up with conservatives. The Bush regime freaked him out and he had become Democratic.  Air America and Ed Shultz had turned him around. He even talked about WI and the need for unions.

    Then we talked about Black Friday and Wal-Mart. I told him about their abusive treatment of workers.  He said he would pass it on to his wife who although she didn't shop Wal Mart went to Black Friday sales at the malls in Wilsonville. I bet he talks her out of it.

    Anyway just a post to say that our national consciousness isn't as insane as the vocal minority and even some centrist Dems would have us think. Despite the brainwashing of the media.  Most people are just not as stupid, greedy or fearful as the powerful interests portray them to be.

    I was thankful to have my own consciousness raised by this nice guy who came all the way from the burbs to fix our furnace on Thanksgiving morning. He did not charge for laboror time and said he would write on the invoice flipped a switch, instead  of charging us anymore then the exorbitant emergency service call fee. There are a lot of us out there and we come in a lot of diverse cultural and political stripes.          


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