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  •  Our third Caturday with the new puss..... (17+ / 0-)

    Who, it is more and more likely, shall be adopting the moniker  'Squirt' ( it describes both her size and her ability to 'squirt' through tight spaces and attempts to stop her escaping through the patio door. Or squirts away from pick ups. )  And what a week .... our little bundle of energy displayed the effects of not having 'boundries' ( such as they are for a pootie....) for the first year and a half of her life followed by seven weeks in a cage by spending the week bouncing of the walls, exerbated by the full moon phase.... ( when Mrs eastvan came home fro the Kibble Factory on Thursday night I had somewhat of a thousand yard stare after countless games of string and red dot and trying to stop her from her fixation on the Persian carpet I bought while stationed in the Middle East -- it seems every corner was a dangerous string ready to jeapordize her safety if she didn't kill it at once. When Lis got home there were boxes on three corners and a 105 mm shell casing half full of nickles on the other in an attempt to stop her persistant assaults. )

     But she's a lot calmer today ( she seems to like the toy Lis got for her yesterday -- a long box with holes and  a rattle ball in it for scratching. Hopefully it will make her forget about trying to shred my carpet --- does anyone have any experience with sprays that deter such fixations and urges to destroy - she also has an attraction, of course, to cables and wires...? )

     Other than that, though, she seems to be settling in pretty quickly -- and vocally! She's not shy about talking!. We let her out today a couple of times and all she did was have a few sniffs before running back to, what she seems to realize, is her furever home.......

    And she's a climber...just had to stop for a second to get her down from scaling the hieghts of one of my bookshelves...the one with the military figurines of various sorts that she also seems to fixate on...the expensive ones about a hundred years old.......of course.....

     That said, it's good to have a fur bearer around the house again.....five months as way too long without.......

    it tastes like burning...

    by eastvan on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 01:52:07 PM PST

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