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View Diary: What I am Thankful For: My Grandmother's Legacy, and a Day in April 2008 (12 comments)

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  •  I'm a Reform Jew (2+ / 0-)
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    commonmass, isabelle hayes

    So also a very progressive sect of religion.

    It's funny - my grandma was an atheist her entire adult life. But when I had my mom read her a farewell note before they started the morphine, I said something about how I hoped she would be looking out for us after she died, and she said "definitely". Several things have gone my way recently, including the election, and I like to think she's looking out for me.

    •  And I would like to think (1+ / 0-)
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      That your grandmother is looking out for you as well. I forgot to say that in my previous comment.

    •  My grandmother that died recently (6+ / 0-)

      may have married an Episcopalian, but she was raised Russian Orthodox (Christian) but HER mother was a Jew, who converted (her father was Christian). As a result, a very Jewish sensibility exists in our family. My grandmother was not an atheist but quite against against organized religion (for herself, not for others).

      My grandmother is on the left, at my house, last September, shortly before she died.

      •  What a nice picture (3+ / 0-)

        I should have posted one of my grandma...maybe I will add it to the diary. I have a ton on my other computer that I left in New York for the weekend.

        It sounds like our grandmothers had a lot in common...maybe now they will somehow get to meet each other.

        •  You mentioned Pennsylvania. (2+ / 0-)
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          Pam from Calif, isabelle hayes

          Though her oldest sisters were born in Austria-Hungary, she was born in Beaverdale PA. It was a hoot when she visited me when I was living in Vienna, Austria. Her basic command of Czech and Hungarian (a totally unrelated language but spoken in her family) came out when traveling. Between that and my fluent German, we went everywhere with ease in Central Europe.

          •  My grandma lived in NY most of her life (3+ / 0-)

            But they moved to a retirement community in PA in 2005 to be closer to my mom and aunt. Which turned out to be very important, since at the end she needed constant involvement by my mom and aunt even though she was in a facility that was supposed to be taking care of her. She lived in a fairly upscale retirement community but even still, we had to constantly stay on the nurses' case to make sure she got adequate care, and ended up bringing in a home health aide on top of the nursing care. I guess I should add to the list of things I am grateful for the fact that my grandparents were frugal and saved my grandmother's entire salary while living on my grandfather's so that money hasn't been an issue in getting her (and now my grandpa, who is suffering from serious depression) the necessary care.

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