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  •  I wonder if the young see more complexity (0+ / 0-)

    or are less blindly pro-Israel because they did not watch the six day war on TV. They did not hear of the tanks amassed on Israel's border and fear for the life of this fledgeling country - this intended respite for people who had already suffered incomprehensibly much. Part of me is still glued to that black-and-white TV screen, rooting in desperate hope for the underdog. And I'm not Jewish, for the record.

    Don't take this as a rationale for blindly supporting the Israeli government. I agree that the current behavior of the Israeli government is appalling, and indeed, works against the long-term interests and stability of the country. In perpetuating the oppression of Palestinians, it seems to me Israel is fermenting the seeds of its own destruction - which it will not allow, and therefore the conflict will either fester or escalate, but will not be resolved. I merely intend to reflect here on an old memory well-lodged in older minds. Like the words "Birmingham" or "Selma," it will underlie and color the meanings of events for as long as we, who knew these stories in the present tense, live to remember them.

    We all understand that freedom isn't free. What Romney and Ryan don't understand is that neither is opportunity. We have to invest in it.
    Julian Castro, DNC 4 Sept 2012

    by pixxer on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 11:12:02 AM PST

    •  Perhaps (1+ / 0-)
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      But they may have seen the occupation of Lebanon 1982-2000, the expansion of the settlement enterprise, Israel's repudiation of Oslo, the road Map, the second Lebanon war  2006, Cast Lead 2008,9, the blockade of Gaza, the "separation barrier", and add the growth of the internet as an information medium, we have gone beyond simplistic black and white TV conceptions of oppressor and oppressed, victim and victimizer, strong and weak, top dog and underdog, and some of them certainly are asking "what are my values"? and how are those values challenged by this situation?  

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