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View Diary: The Republicans will not repudiate racism because many of them are not Republicans but Racists. (132 comments)

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    I really do think this is the bottom line.  Oh sure, there are other issues, and the south isn't nearly as monolithic as it was back in the day, but for the rural, white south, this is really the underlying issue.  There's a reason that the first time they went Republican, in 1928, was an election where they couldn't decide which candidate was really the most pro-segregation, and the first in which the Ku Klux Klan was firmly behind the Republican, and against the Democrat.

    And it's no surprise that so many southern whites were willing to waste their votes on George Wallace; he was the only candidate openly promising to keep fighting integration.

    They may have voted for FDR, and for Adlai Stevenson, and even for Kennedy (some of them), but in the end, it was only because they hoped that the Democrats would, in essence, continue to ignore segregation in exchange for a guaranteed 120 or so electoral votes every 4 years.  Once they learned, in 1964, that this wouldn't happen, they left immediately.

    All your vote are belong to us.

    by Harkov311 on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 01:44:54 PM PST

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