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  •  you realize (3+ / 0-)
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    that Wal-mart is subsidized by the government for hiring special needs people right? That your taxes are supporting that, and it would cost more for Wal-mart to fire such an employee than to keep him on at serf wages?

    for example, we had a cart associate who was developmentally disabled. Besides the fact that I had to devise a special marker on the cart area to keep him from pushing carts in the doorway of where customers walked in, he was a hard worker.  Well, our courtesy associate made the mistake of pushing a cart into a car, and now, with the liability, just cost our store money. He was fired the next day.  Cost Wal-mart money and all their good deeds go out the window.

    So, your touching little story of how "just pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and be grateful you have a job" is the problem here. That you are not outraged and protesting at the university where your son works I find sad for your family.

    Also, other stores are protesting. Target springs to mind.

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