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  •  Some tick math (0+ / 0-)

    Two hundred eggs per bug.  Larval stage are the size of a poppy seed.  They feed on humans and cause a fever like malaria. You don't feel them bite.  You don't see them.

    Ticks have been found on birds.

    First Lyme diagnosis in Connecticut in 1975

    About 10% of adult ticks carry Lyme and serious co-infections  About 10% of  tests for Lyme are accurate.

    The Center for Disease Control is very much at odds with some of the doctors who seem to be most successful treating Lyme patients.  (It's worth checking out the CDC web site.)

    My kid had to drop out of college his freshman year.  He was a good scholar and strong athlete.  We are guessing he went undiagnosed for 3 years.  Uncertain but hopeful prognosis.

    He needs about 15 hours of sleep a day.  He has memory loss.

    Some Lyme victims in our neighborhood are unable to walk.

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