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  •   Agree 100% with all you say. (13+ / 0-)

    I was also glad they didn't show Ford's Theatre, but I was glad for the deathbed scene.  For me that had special meaning because a few years ago I fulfilled a dream of actually going to Washington DC and seeing the room where Lincoln died.  

    It was incredibly moving to walk from the downstairs museum at Ford's Theatre -- where I saw the very clothes Lincoln was wearing, and the very bullet that killed him, and the very gun, etc. -- across the street, on the very path they carried him ... down the very same hallway ... to the very room where his life ended.

    I've had only a few similar experiences in my life, where my mind couldn't quite grasp the reality:  "This is the real place;  not a set or recreation.  These are the real things;  not props."  (It felt similar in Memphis this past summer, when I went to the Civil Rights Museum and saw the very spot where MLK died.)

    Just a thought on this (from a Disney geek):

    as opposed to low, slow "Disneyland robot" voice saying only "four score and seven years ago" that most people picture.
    I've seen that kind of comment a few times -- I think even Spielberg himself said it -- but the original voice at Disneyland, which Walt himself chose, was provided by the actor Royal Dano, who had played Lincoln in some TV episodes in the 50's.  His voice was actually quite high too, and his speech rather quick.  I know the Disney people then did a lot of research into Lincoln and his voice, and that was part of the reason they chose Dano.

    I think it was only in later "improvements" to the Disney Lincoln when they went to a lower, more "solemn" voice.  When the Disneyland attraction was refurbished a few years ago, they went back to the original Royal Dano recordings, and to me they are very special and also provide a very real, human-sounding Lincoln.

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