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View Diary: I Saw "Lincoln" And Wept (297 comments)

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    thanks for the insult. i thought it was a terrible movie. sorry if you for some reason take that personally.

    i wasnt suggesting spielberg like, tacked those scenes onto the screenplay. far from it -- i am suggesting the screenplay was awful, and that spielberg has the midas-like ability to turn everything he touches into sacharine, which only made matter worse. much worse. you're telling me you honestly didn't cringe when they rushed into the theater announcing the president had been shot, leading into the slow motion scream from his son? is there a more cliched way of approaching that? or the speech in the candle's flame? you honestly didnt think that was absurd? and you didnt find mary todd lincolns scarlett ohara impersonation, "now lookey here! dont you go messin' with that there 13th amminment no more!" impression to be a little grating after about 30 seconds?

    frankly, i find your reply to be pretty obnoxious. if you'll read what i actually typed, you will note that i mentioned being disappointed in the movie, which i went to on opening night, on its first showing, because i thought it was going to be awesome, not because i wanted to make fun of it. daniel day lewis is a cant miss. i figured that if he had accepted the role, the film was going to be gritty, dark, brooding, and smart. lord knows the actual history of the times lends itself to that sort of thing. instead we got saving private ryan part II: the abraham lincoln story, interspersed with jokes.

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