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View Diary: Morning Open Thead: All Time Best Christmas Toys -- Early 1900s to Present (80 comments)

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    I had most of those earlier toys, or bought some of them for my own kids.  

    The most memorable Christmas presents:

    Age 5, Daisy BB gun.

    Age 7, American Flyer electric train.  American Flyer was similar to Lionel, but the proprietary brand sold by Western Auto stores.  Anyone remember Western Auto?  They were in every town, and you could get all kinds of cool stuff there.

    Age 9, another American Flyer train set.

    Age 12, a Gilbert Chemistry set.  Liability issues drove Gilbert out of business.  They had really good chemicals, but to buy some of those chemicals nowadays, you have to practically pass a Homeland Security background check before you can buy them.

    I got a lot of Tinkertoys.  Also there were always books at our house.  A lot of them.  Looking back, I got the first issue of Superman comics, but it did not last after many re-readings.  Would be worth a small fortune now if I had it in its original condition.  

    One of my favorite toys, and I got one almost every year until I was in upper grade school, was a wind up Caterpillar tractor.  It had rubber tracks and could climb over objects like books, boards, rocks and the like.  I always wore them out, and then the next year I would get another.  They were made of stamped tin and brightly painted.  

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    by Otteray Scribe on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 06:05:02 AM PST

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