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  •  The solution lies in the power to tax. (1+ / 0-)
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    Killer of Sacred Cows

    Boehner would move heaven and earth to prevent tax rates from going up, because he realizes that tax rates are the only way to reign in the excesses of the rich.

    We need to raise taxes on upper incomes until the trend is reversed, until the gap between the uber wealthy and the median wage earner starts to shrink. This might require marginal rates that are unthinkable by today's (but not by historical) standards. It would require treating all income equally. It would require a truly confiscatory estate tax.

    Government should become the job creator of last resort. These jobs need not be make-work. Hire more teachers. Subsidize higher education. Improve our infrastructure. Build wind turbines and give them to a citizen's cooperative. Invest in basic research. All of these projects would be of great benefit to the economy.

    But there is more that needs to be done. We need high tariffs on goods produced by slave labor. We need to protect and expand the union movement.

    We need Congressional reform. I would reform Congress in the following ways:

    1 - Do away with lobbying. Define it as bribery. If you want to influence legislation, then post your information on the internet.

    2 - Require, as a condition of taking the Congressional oath, all congresscritters  to reduce their household net worth to, say, $5,000,000 by suitable charitable donations if necessary.

    3 - Exempt congresscritters from all income taxes. They make the rules; don't tempt them enrich themselves.

    4 - Pay congresscritters on their performance. For example, peg their salary at a multiple of the median household income. Maybe a bonus or penalty for the unemployment rate.

    OK, this sort of system is not likely to happen in the near future, but we should begin to think of ways to make Congress more responsive to the well-being of their constituents rather than their own.

    Note to Boehner and McConnell: "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." --Bob Dylan-- (-7.25, -6.21)

    by Tim DeLaney on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 08:53:46 AM PST

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