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  •  IMNSHO - The Republican Party has gone over (1+ / 0-)
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    the deep end and are not much more than a religious fundamentalist organization.  And not a religious fundamentalist that profound religious of a century ago would recognize.  There is a difference between religious fundamentalist and profoundly religious.  Dole, Regean, Nixon, Teddy, etc, would never be recognized as Republicans today.

    Not that the Democratic Party has fared much better.  Kennedy(s), Johnson, FDR would be considered so far to the left that they would almost be considered falling over the edge.  The 'mainstream' Democratic Party is much, much further to the right than it was during my childhood.  Many that call themselves Democrat would have been Republican not 20 years ago.  Those that are now called Liberal Democrats would have been just ordinary Democrats.

    We need to do something to move social politics to the left and not just a couple of inches back... further left than when Johnson was in office.  We can argue more and better Democrats all we want, but the dynamics of the party has changed.  We need to get the money out of politics - big corps and wall street.  We are definitely moving towards a totalitarian government and society and I find that appalling.

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