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View Diary: My Friend Died a Hero's Death This Morning (64 comments)

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  •  Peace to loved ones left behind and a happy (2+ / 0-)
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    Grizzard, Catte Nappe

    reunion for those fine men that moved on.
    (Oh his poor brother. How raw this must leave him)
    (And has the mother already passed)

    Being beyond the body now I'm sure the dad has no gripes about his sons' action, understanding ins and outs in a way we can't.

    But I reacted to

    certainly would have prompted adulation in his father's next column.
    Let's say they were having a theoretical discussion about such a situation. His dad would have appreciated and admired the son saying he'd take the risk to save his dad but he would roar at Radisson "Oh NO you don't!"
    He would say it isn't worth both of them dying and his life was still so much ahead...and so on

    Radisson wasn't thinking of dying rushing in there, he was thinking of his dad living
    and thinking is probably the wrong word
    He surely could not have not gone in

    But if his dad could time travel (well first he'd avoid that fire) he would divert that action, have someone handcuff or punch him if needed to keep him from going in.
    But they are wiser now in getting how things go.
    I am not saying he isn't a hero indeed, just read it with a parents' heart. He is a hero
    Just wish he didn't need to be

    Today I was thinking it has been a very long time since I checked fire alarm batteries
    and if we don't have working alarms it will make a difference in very few lives because most of our houses will not catch fire

    But oh when it matters, of the difference it makes. I'll take care of that, we all should, this reminds us

    Peace to all

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