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  •  would t&r but for this para (9+ / 0-)
    I haven't got the time right now to look up Mr. Isbister's campaign-contribution history, but I bet I know where all that money he's saving on quality help is going. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's been a generous supporter of not only Romney but Scott Walker as well.
    Either look it up or don't mention it. This only detracts from the piece. Your speculation may well be correct, but until you can verify it, don't mention it. Such info actually verified would make a great update, though, and great diary other than that.

    I am a person with a 'skills gap', in a sense. I have some experience doing web content management and coding, but want to get further into it. My last job wasn't in this field though, so for purposes of my current state of unemployment, I can't list it within the NY Dept. of Labor as my focal area for future prospects. I did this work (and still do on a freelance basis) for Planned Parenthood in the job before my last job, and really loved it. I very few posts in this field that I'm directly qualified for, but many super-specific, highly specialized postings for jobs that are, technologically speaking, just out of my reach. Programming languages and programs that I haven't had direct experience with, but could be trained to use effectively in short order, are what is being sought and my experience isn't quite there. And no, free courses on these things that you can take over the internet do not result in interviews or job offers. It's so frustrating because I know I can pick it up and do what these companies need, but I can't get a foot in the door to convince them of this. I guess I need to get more creative and be more resourceful, I just keep applying for jobs and never hearing anything back at all. Arg.

    Shout golden shouts!

    by itsbenj on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 12:55:44 AM PST

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