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  •  I can understand a little bit (5+ / 0-)

    about both ends of the outsourcing issue. On the plus side, I once traded a martial arts teacher a design and one [1] actual working model (his size) of a completely reversible broadcloth black Ninja outfit with a total of 20 'invisible' pockets of various sizes for various weapons, that turned inside-out to camouflage (the pockets worked both ways), for a year's worth of 3 times a week lessons for my son. I'd been designing and making various fashions, wedding apparel and theatrical costuming for years - for family and our family theatrical business - IOW, more skill than money.

    I designed and made the danged thing, which took way too long and way too much work. Plus the pattern and instructions. The teacher loved it, immediately asked me how much he could offer them for to his peers. I told him he'd be way better off sending the pattern/instructions off to someplace in Asia to have them made at a sweat shop, because nobody could afford me! I had a day job, and nobody was going to pay me more than that to stay home and sew.

    Years later we moved to Appalachia to homestead, a region where you have to be willing to take any kind of offered work if you want to stay. Spent two years at a call center for $8 an hour, basically designing the phone service end for all sorts of companies (including internet tech support, emergency roadside assistance, banking, etc.). Once we had the scripts down the company immediately sent the jobs off to Haiti or India to their subsidiary call centers with the vastly cheaper labor. We'd get to start working on the next job project for foreigners. The whole business was a major eye-opener to me, and the management was atrocious. Thus I didn't last very long...

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