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  •  But the temp agency *does* pay (2+ / 0-)

    FICA.  And many agencies also offer health insurance/paid time off for those employees who work x number of hours for the agency.  (yeah, yeah, how often does that actually happen ... but there are long-term assignments out there where that x number of hours would be met).  That's part of why they charge twice whatever is paid to the temp employee.

    And payroll processing can't be that expensive with all the automatic processes there are, can it?

    God help us if background checks become the norm - I have never applied for a position where a background check was one of the requirements.  My life is so dull that I'm sure the employer would fall asleep reading a background check on me, so it's not like I'm afraid of having one done, but seriously?  A background check for every position?

    •  the agency pays the FICA (0+ / 0-)

      the company hiring you does not.

      and yes there are agencies that provide health care on long term assignments.

      computerized background checks just look to see if you have an arrest record.  they can be done on line.

      the main reason companies hire temps is not to save money, although it probably does save them some money otherwies they wouldn't do it.

      mostly they want the flexbillity--the kind of hire and fire at will that you don't have with permanent employees (in addition to not having to pay benefits)

      companies want to have 6 workers this week and 11 workers the week after that and 3 workers the week after that without complaints

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      Four More Years! How sweet it is!!!

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