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View Diary: Garment factory producing for Walmart has fatal fire (110 comments)

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  •  I was talking to a very sweet woman who goes (9+ / 0-)

    to my church and is probably a little more conservative than the majority of us. Somehow unions came up, and she said she wasn't a big fan of unions. She agreed that they could be incredibly helpful to protecting workers, but her truck was they protected the slackers, too. As if a few workers getting a few extra bucks was more of an outrage than executives making outrageous salaries running hardworking people such as herself into the ground. Never mind that there's no reason to believe that unions are required to stagnate. Why throw out all of your protection against exploitation because of one gripe rather than seeking union reform?

    The problem is that people see what's right in front of them- Joe is slacking while I'm working my ass off, and they don't look at the big picture- CEO Moneybags isn't carrying his weight either, and he's getting millions for it. It's deeply saddening.

    •  I ask people like that what Joe CEO would do if he (3+ / 0-)

      needed a man immediately to keep the production line going for all the other employees who need the team to function. Could he step in and run a machine? Put his finger in the dike for half a day while his temp agency found him a new sucker? If he doesn't know squat about what he's making and how to make it, why is he worth millions?

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