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    joe shikspack

    the irony of your comment... you should read what you wrote again.  All of the things that you are yelling about, you are doing yourself in this comment and in many other comments throughout this diary.  

    The absolute narrow-mindedness that you and the ego strokers perpetuate this kind of diary is what I have a problem with.  You all are being purposely intellectually disingenuous on every single topic you people publish and accuse those who don't agree with you as being callous, simple-minded bullies...
    And then you start condemning me and "you people" others for defaming?  It would be funny if it weren't so sad, not so much sad by head shakingly ironic.  The lack of self awareness still takes me back sometimes though it shouldn't.  

    It's funny though, how bullies always seem to think that the others are the bullies since they are so good at dishing it out and so hypersensitive and bad at taking it.

    Well, this happens every day on this site.  These broad brush defamations happen every day.   And in this case you aimed it right at me.  When I wrote my comment I deliberately did not target anyone specifically but I can tell you that at the time I did not have you specifically in mind, but rather a few other groups of people, and after that, many people who you can find in the comment sections of any progressive blog, most of them not connected, I assume.  It would be easy to come up with dozens of examples on any given week, hundreds if you invested a few hours.  I have no idea who you are but what I see in your reactionary comment above though, and all throughout this diary, now makes me wonder.   Flame away all that you want. We are used to it.  It has very little effect from people who demonstrate how little credibility they have.

    And with that, good night.  I don't have any intention of wasting any more of my time on you now or ever again.  It's an act of futility.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 07:37:39 PM PST

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