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  •  I read the hard wiring as mistrust not hate (4+ / 0-)
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    Sharon Wraight, Munchkn, spooks51, SuWho

    of the different, in the various articles Ive read (sorry no links) but my reading is very recent.

    And my understanding is that when humans are taught when young that their "tribe" comes in different colors, that innate circuit is not triggered. I was raised in the 70s in area that had majority/exclusively been White for a long time but Black people were moving in. I picked up my parents mistrust, which had been based on their prior experieces as well as they themsleves growing up in a racist culture of mid 20th century US. I have or had that feeling...not hate but a waryness around people who were not white...when I was a kid. I overcame it but have to scrutinize myself for it from time to time to be sure.

    True, mistrust  can breed hate. Fortunately humans have a cerebral cortex (higher brain) able to overcome emotional learning and hard wireing usually when it is concious.

    Too bad it isnt concious in some.

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