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View Diary: Drought and Low Water: The Mississippi May Be Unnavigable Within Weeks (191 comments)

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    we were warned.

    1988 -- major heartland drought, barge traffic halted in the mississippi due to record (or nearly so, at the time) low river stage.

    followed by 1993's massive flooding.

    as it turns out, between those two major mississippi river events, i was in grad school studying watershed systems and river hydrology (although at MUCH smaller scales, area-wise).

    i'm recalling these flow regime famine/feast events that the mississippi was displaying (and within so very few years separating them) to have been suggested at the time, by more than a few hydrologist minds far keener than mine, as being the shape of things to come.

    being doomed to repeat history certainly does extend to hydrosphere as well.

    per usual, a solid, eye-opening diary.

    keep your eyes on the sky. put a dollar in the kitty. don't the moon look pretty. --becker&fagen

    by homo neurotic on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 10:27:06 AM PST

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