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  •  O to be young and strong and romantic ~ (10+ / 0-)

    Great story KB, you unrequited hippie you. Those were some days.

    I was moved to memories by jbob's pictures too, not so much of the GC itself as of the canyons further north, above Lake Powell, where the Colorado is still a river. I spent 3 weeks hiking and kayaking up there and the side canyons with a group, a college orientation for Prescott college in 1972 (then an alternative college, I stayed 1 yr). It was epic. First day in, after an exhausting day's paddle, I jumped in the river to cool off and lost my glasses. The rest of the journey was somewhat blurry. But the quiet and the magnificence and the colors will always be with me. Part of it was a 3-day solo, no food, shelter, fire, company. I shared an overhang with a colony of bats during a rainstorm. Next day a flash flood poured down the creek, red mud to drink for the next couple of days. Most of the time, alone or paddling or hiking, it was a mind altering, humbling, experience, how tiny I was in space and time, with indescribable drama and beauty everywhere.

    Thanks for your story! So great to hear the adventure. Love how you use werds to tell it!

    •  3 day solo and a flash flood (8+ / 0-)

      sounds like a novel!
      ...cept without glasses. Hiking and kayaking around there sounds doubley special, and you are still kayaking.
        I would love to glide aropund Lake Powell.
            I know canoeists who took up kayaking later (like me) but few who kayaked in the early 70's.
        So you probably have more than the usual appreciation for Powell's adventures first exploring the Canyon way back then...

      Sometime I will blather on about my kayak rolling class.:>

      This machine kills Fascists.

      by KenBee on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 06:20:54 PM PST

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      •  Kayak rolling...I'll remind you about that ;-) (6+ / 0-)

        Yes indeed, kayaking is more fun than canoeing, in my experience. We actually had one canoe, that had most of the gear (tents, dehydrated rations, etc) so we had to take turns in it, though as I recall I was always behind a rock somewhere when the choosing was done, hah. Kayaks are easy to paddle, light, turn on a dime. We did some repair work before we left, fiberglass cloth and epoxy, so they floated.

        Powell. What an amazing guy. One arm, for starters, can you imagine climbing like that? But most amazing is going down the river with no idea what was ahead, rapids, waterfalls, cliffs, the locals. These days we have maps and phones, it's a different feel, no matter how much exertion. We explore in a different way today. I think that's part of why we all on this blog love experiencing's not like a video where you know what's going to happen. There's always some unknown, however modest, and how cool is that.

    •  On the advice of John Muir (5+ / 0-)

      I almost always go hiking alone.

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