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View Diary: Walmart is downplaying it, but Black Friday protests were historic (56 comments)

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  •  Let them close their doors (9+ / 0-)

    and a massive amount of smaller stores (like the ones they ran out of business) will open to fill the void.

    •  However, those smaller... (1+ / 0-)
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      sceptical observer

      ...stores would charge higher prices and generally offer a narrower selection of products.

      That's why consumers stopped shopping at them in the first place and went to Walmart instead.

      These stores weren't "ran out of business" by Walmart. Consumers decided they valued price over other features, if any, offered by existing small local stores.

      No one is forced to shop at Walmart - esp. when they first open and the small local stores still exist.

      One can argue that consumers don't know what's good for themselves. However that attitude treads a dangerous line because if consumers can't be trusted with economic democracy, can they be trusted with political democracy or should there be some sort of test for both?

      I don't think Walmart will close many stores if their workforce becomes unionized. They will raise their prices, be more selective with hiring (right now, because of their pay and working conditions, they generally don't attract the best employees overall and it shows), reduce labor (expanding self checkout for example), and/or reduce operating hours.

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