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View Diary: Walmart is downplaying it, but Black Friday protests were historic (56 comments)

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  •  any worker (0+ / 0-)

    who missed work, and didn't get fired, was a striker. If you stand outside with a sign on your day off, that's a protest. At any rate, if Walmart doesn't retaliate, workers gain strength.

    If you asked workers last week, they'd probably tell you  anyone who struck (or protested) would be swiftly fired.

    But they weren't.  That's a step forward.

    Oh, I want Walmart unionized too, and I hurt inside, thinking of what a long way we have to go.

    If 14,000 Walmart workers had struck, that would have been only 1% of their work force. So we are at what, .01% struck?

    But my 1930s labor history books tell me that a small minority of workers led the great auto sit down strikes.  In some plants, the small minority just get beat up. In others, well ....

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