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  •  Expect them to cheat you (3+ / 0-)
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    Expect the sales people and finance "manager" to cheat you.  The 4-square paper they use to figure price and payments is designed to confuse.  The will cheat you on the value of your trade in.  They will cheat you when they print the contract with a price higher than you've agreed to (I have seen this twice).  They will cheat you with phony charges on the contract that the buyer does not have to pay (I've seen this twice).  They will cheat you with an overpriced prepaid repair contract falsely called an extendd warranty.  They will cheat you with imaginary extras on the car...paint protection, etc.  they will cheat you with overpriced financing where they get a kickback.

    Here are some good tips:  

    Here's pricing info:

    You MUST make the stealership people believe that you will walk out if  you don't get YOUR deal.  That is the only leverage you have.  You gott'a be willing to walk.  If you figure out an Out The Door price including tax and everything, write that on a business card or Post It note with the car you want and your phone number, give it to a salesman, and go home.  Let them call you.  Stand your ground.

    Women, and men, if the employee does not treat you with respect, find the general manager.  Tell him that the person is a jerk, and tell him why.

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