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  •  The rise of HAMAS in Gaza (2+ / 0-)
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    was due in part to Israel trying to marginalize FATAH in the early 80s and then when Israel decided to work with FATAH Arafat and his cronies dashed the hopes of Gazans with rampant corruption, building villas for themselves and padding bank accounts while neglecting opportunities for infrastructure, economic, and civic institutional development.  The egregiousness of life in Gaza only strengthened HAMAS after it had become the only alternative.  So it's a tad more complicated than that.

    I'm certainly not trying to turn this diary into a discussion of HAMAS.  That's not what the diarist set out to do.  But it was done by previous comments who derided Israelis for painting HAMAS as baby eaters.  They are not that.  They are bad enough as is.  My comment was intended to respond to the tendency of every diary that criticizes Israel being turned into a vindication of HAMAS, or an obscuring of what it does and is.

    I do indeed think that US citizens (I'm dual Israeli-American, currently residing in Jerusalem) have the right and the responsibility to speak out.  But regardless of how we got here, moving forward we should not be simplistic that improving material and political conditions will magically alter the ideological trajectory.  There will need to be much more international involvement than if HAMAS weren't both growing in power and in perceived legitimacy.

    The peace process was derailed by several key parties.  The first were the governments of Rabin (yes, Rabin) followed by Netanyahu and Barak that intensified settlement building, either as a bad faith way to undermine the process or as a bad tactic thinking that it would strengthen Israel's bargaining position.  The latter is crazy as a war is played for advantage and a settlement is played toward a draw.  Arafat also played a role, in his corrupt cronyism and in failing to come back with a counter-proposal at Camp David.  HAMAS settled into this breach and did and does everything it could and can to undermine the ability of us on the left in Israel to convince the electorate we have partners and we can bolster them.  Israelis see rockets from Gaza and, not incorrectly, wonder if dealing with HAMAS will result in exactly what we see in Syria today.

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